www.technosoftnet.comIf you are advertising on Yahoo pay per click  you must have account with Bing. Bing Ads previously know as MSN adCenter is a search and display network platform from Microsoft. Using world’s third largest advertisement network you can reach your customers globally.Yahoo Bing network  ads is very effective marketing tool to reach your target audience. In so many countries Bing has emerged as an alternative to Google AdWords. It is easy to use and manage to get optimum level of conversions. Bing has got approximately 30 % of the market share in Pay Per Click industry.

We at Techno SoftNet create appropriate campaign after complete competition analysis to increase the traffic.

Advertisement on Yahoo Bing
Advertisement on Yahoo Bing networks

Benefits of Bing Ads

  • Target audience reach
  • PPC cost is less than Google AdWords
  • Targeted geographic and demographic reach
  • Greater Ads flexibility on Bing than other search engines
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Increase traffic
  • Focused and Saves time
  • Simple tracking and reporting